About Electronic Precepts


We started in 1980 in Electronics Distribution and have continued to expand our focus and capabilities today to offer full ODM Services around the world. Using the extensive knowledge of our product, design, and development teams, We have a wide range of expertise from Test and Measurement devices, Medical Devices, IOT Sensors, Asset Tags, Tracking Devices, Gas Detection products to build mobile and web products to connect to your hardware.


Do you have a connected wearable, health monitor, sensor, gadget, or accessory?


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Design Development for Small to Medium Sized Companies with all the perks that Large Companies get,


Speed to Market:

Cut Red Tape and the Bureaucracy of Large Companies and Mental Models of how long a product design and Development takes. With Design Offices in the USA, China and Pakistan we are running projects 24/7. Our teams are not limited to any manufacturers parts and with our world wide sourcing Team we are quickly able to supply ball park pricing and spec sheets to get product development moving quickly


Conceptual Design:

Conceptualize, Design, and test ideas through Team Discussions, Whether fully detailed or just a simple napkin sketch, We can help engineer and optimize the design of your product quickly from concept to market. Quick 3D models of the end product designs


Prototypes to Production:

Typically less than 8-10 weeks for prototypes and 8-10 weeks after for production.Flexibility in our supply chain and structure to get prototypes tested and refined while moving production ahead is way ahead of industry standards for product design and development.


New Product Introduction:

Key Capabilities:

Ability to make complex plastic and metal tooling in less than 6 weeks Rapid prototypes to shorten product development cycle. Production testing and programming fixtures. Manufacturing process and test development to insure consistent high quality products. Testing and approvals: FCC, IJL, CE SAE,


Supply Chain:

Flexibility to allow parts from all over the world to be delivered on time for best parts supply and best costs Suppliers: Partnerships with World Wide Leaders in Electronics and our local teams on the ground around the world ensure pricing and capacity on various commodities are met, as well as lead time trends to equip teams with supply demand matching to ensure business continuity. Some of the commodities we examine most closely are:

1. MLCCs and other Passive Components

2. Memory & Mass Storage

3. Electro-Mechanical

4. Connectivity solutions

5. Connectors Cables 6. Raw Materials