Certification Process
  • For certification life FCC, PTCRB we work with Certification labs like InterTek,
  • SGS and quite a few others in China. All these Labs are FCC accredited. 
  • To get the Products FCC certified we work directly with these Labs.
  • First Step is getting a quotation .
  • Then Product Samples are sent to the selected Lab.
  • PKD prepares all necessary technical documentation for the certification process and sends it to Labs.
  • Labs perform the needed RF and non-RF tests and generate reports.
  • If all Tests are passed,  Application is then submitted to FCC for grant of Approval.
  • In case of test failure, necessary changes are done in the Samples and tests are redone until it passes.
  • After the FCC Approval is granted, Formal FCC ID is awarded.
  • Pretty much the same procedure for the PTCRB.